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Welcome to our Padgett Business Services Blog!

It is my hope to post weekly with some tax and bookkeeping tips for the upcoming year.  Changes that are made in congress can be cumbersome and confusing and we will do our best to navigate that information and inform you on how those changes affect your business and personal tax returns.

This past year has been an exciting and busy year for us at Padgett here in the Northland. Don has taken to semi-retirement.  He is still working part time with his concentration being on getting tax returns done timely.  Faye has retired and is keeping busy with church, lake life and being a grandma, but she still takes phone calls and will run an errand if needed (she is the best!). I have taken ownership of the company and continues to do the monthly accounting and tax returns as in previous years.

My family and I moved back to the northland in August and we are located in Poplar, Wi!  What a great community this is!

We are in a growth period and would love to expand our business.  If you know of a small business that is looking for a bookkeeper and tax preparer please forward our name to them.  We would love to meet with them to see if we can help them in their business.  If your referral signs on to be a monthly account you will receive 1 month of accounting for free!

Thank you so very much for your continued business.  I really love working with each of you and I hope that we can grow together!


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